Fish Oil ,Carpal Tunnel and some tips

So a few years ago i was having some serious hand issues.i was going through a dark time in my life where instead of facing my issues i got lost in online computer games. i would play endlessly for hours on end and when pain started shooting up through my right arm i would just switch to my left.

It was getting to the point where most modern NSAID’s (ibuprofen) were not even having a effect of easing the pain. so here is  what i tried first

  • Capsaicin oil (oil from Cayenne peppers): while it may have helped some it didint help me
  • Wrist brace: not so much luck here other then wearing it at night to increase blood flow
  • Resting on ice: this worked to varying degrees
  • Ergonomic mouse: While this may  useful  for preventing carpal tunnel i fear it was too far progressed to have much of an effect in my case.
  • Vitamin B6: honestly made the pain worse.

It was around this time i was working at a Nutritional store and started Experimenting with herbs and vitamins that Had anti inflammatory properties i discovered fish oil. i Tried 3 capsules of 300mg of a day for a week. after around the 5th day i noticed slight improvements; the pain was going away. i then upped the dosage to 9 tablets a day 3 at breakfast 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner. Here is what else i did to help myself.

  • Cold/Luke warm showers: These showers have proven benefits of lowering inflammation in the body.I had also noticed if i had taken hot showers the pain would come back.
  • Sleeping position: Wearing a brace as you sleep to increase blood flow will help over time. i would put a pillow on top my hand to have my fingers in a extended position as well to increase blood flow even more. always have you affected hand lower then then shoulders as having them above the shoulder will hinder blood flow even when lying down.
  • Running: moving my hand more and increasing the circulation through cardio helps a bunch even to this day.
  • No chicken dinner: oddly enough chicken unquestionably would cause my inflammation to resurface. most farm Raised chicken is EXTREMELY high in omega 6 fatty acids but very low in omega 3  which hinder circulation to a great extent.i highly advise staying away from chicken when recovering.
  • Rest: you all saw this coming. just taking a break more often for 5 minutes for every 20 minutes your at the computer

And of course fish oil was a integral part of my recovery without it id still have pain shooting up through my arms even as i type. i used Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil 2400 mg Double Strength Odorless, 90 Softgels . it had the highest concentration of omega 3 fatty acids for the price